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Share your contact directly to their address book

Do you also have a drawer with all the business cards you've gotten over the years? That's probably also what happened to the cards you handed out. With the business pass, your contact finds its way directly into the address book of your peer. Without detours. Without getting lost. Works with iOS and Android.

The scanned contact in the adress book of a smartphone.

Always have your business pass handy – even offline

With your digital business card in Apple Wallet on iOS and on the Apple Watch, it's always at your fingertips. Simply double-click on the side button and the card pops up. You don't need to install an app. You don't even have to be online for that. Also works with Android, you just need a third party app for that.

A hand holding an iPhone showing a Business pass in Apple Wallet, which also works offline.

Highly customizable card design to fit your brand

You, your company and a brand have a recognition value, a color and a logo. Of course, this should also be represented on the digital business card. You can customize your business pass to match your brand. And we are constantly developing so that even more customizations are possible.

Fields to customize your Business pass in details, color and logo as you like.

Be cost efficient, innovative and waste free

Getting printed business cards is complicated. You need a designer to create them, a manufacturer to produce them and a sufficient number of pieces to have a stock. And if any data changes, you have to start all over again. With our business pass you can create your own card with a few clicks, no production costs and no delivery time. The card is immediately available and ready to use. And you can't run out of it either, and it's also resource-saving.

A Business pass compared to a box of printed business cards.

From the creators
of COVID Pass

In 2021, we launched COVID pass to make European vaccination certificates easily and quickly available.

With over 225,000 passes downloaded, we have gained a lot of experience in Apple Wallet and data security to implement business pass. Create your free pass now.

Check out covidpass.eu
A hand holding a COVID Pass.

Just for you. Or for your whole organization

Are you interested to scale things up and get your custom branded business passes for your whole company? Then please reach out to us and write us at business@nyb.one

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