Hi, we are Donatus and Philipp. Two developer and designer with a 💙 for innovative solutions and intuitive user experience.
We want to help people to connect in an easy and low-threshold way, so we came up with Business pass, an easy way to share your contacts with other people.

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What happened so far:
In July 2021, we recognized the problem that EU vaccination certificates could not be added to Apple Wallet. Without further ado, we developed COVID Pass, a website where you could scan your own code on paper and convert it into an Apple Wallet Pass. And the whole thing was completely secure, because the data was only processed on your own phone, and never made it to our servers. In the meantime, as of March 2022, we have created 230,000 COVID Passes and have been featured in various press articles. With our knowledge of the Apple Wallet interface and a new customer need that was brought to us, we have now launched Business pass. We hope to help keep people in touch, turn fleeting encounters into long relationships, and take the barrier out of creating your own business cards. Because, as we realize almost every day, networking is an essential part of business.